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Once Upon a Time by Jane Yolen

Once Upon a Time by Jane Yolen “Once upon a time,” she said, and the world began anew: a vee of geese flew by, plums roasting in their breasts; a vacant-eyed princess sat upon a hillock of glass; a hut strolled through a tangled wood, the nails on its chickenfeet blackened and hard as coal; … Continue reading

On Great Words of Power…

“And for adults, the world of fantasy books returns to us the great words of power which, in order to be tamed, we have excised from our adult vocabularies. These words are the pornography of innocence, words which adults no longer use with other adults, and so we laugh at them and consign them to … Continue reading

On Folklore…

“Folklore is the perfect second skin. From under its hide, we can see all the shimmering shadowy uncertainties of the world.” – Jane Yolen