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On Telling Tales…

“To have the antiquarian Grimm Brothers regarded as the fathers of modern folklore is perhaps to forget the maternal lineage, the ‘mothers’ who in the French veillées and English nurseries, in court salons and the German Spinnstube, in Paris and on the Yorkshire moors, passed on their wisdom. The Grimm brothers, like Tereus, Ovid, King Shahryar, Basile, … Continue reading

Pregnant with Rapunzel by Laura King

Pregnant with Rapunzel by Laurie King I kept my mouth closed as I watched the ramps grow big and bitter. It was my daughter’s appetite that sprung the ferns along my throat, the fiddleheads of hunger that unfurled along my tongue like tongues. The window where we watched became our belfry, she the tongue and … Continue reading

On Favorite Books…

“We don’t need to have just one favorite. We keep adding favorites. Our favorite book is always the book that speaks most directly to us at a particular stage in our lives. And our lives change. We have other favorites that give us what we most need at that particular time. But we never lose … Continue reading

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

I picked up Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr after a recommendation from a friend who seems to have read practically everything. She thought I would like the supernatural elements with a dark, contemporary twist, telling me it was hard to put down, so when I found a signed, tattered copy in Powell’s for $4 I … Continue reading