Two Sisters

Gathered Nettles is a blog devoted to musing, exploring, and cataloguing the world of fantasy, sci fi and historical fiction.

We’re two sisters who grew up with a love of all things magical and other worldly. Spending summers with our mother’s family in southern Sweden gave us an appreciation for history and sparked a fascination with folklore. To this day, Kat swears she saw a troll lumbering through the trees near the shores of the Baltic.

When we weren’t reading through stacks of old books, we were creating our own worlds and stories. We were always on the hunt for stories with magic and girls at the center of the action, but it was often difficult to find quality recommendations. In creating this blog, we hope to create a space to collect and share our inspirations while developing our creative lives.


Elizabeth HowardElizabeth Howard earned an MFA in Poetry at Boston University, and currently lives in the forests of Eugene, where she is working towards her PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Oregon. She writes poetry and fiction inspired by myth and folklore. Elizabeth will never refuse a freshly buttered piece of toast.

Kat Howard

Kat Howard just completed an MFA in Book Art & Creative Writing at Mills College and is busy gaining her bearings in the sleepy Hudson Valley town of Kingston, NY. She writes poetry mainly based in historical research, ranging from witches to the Brontë sisters. Kat is obsessed with all foods that come with fixin’s.


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