Breaking LOTR News from Comic Con!

Hold on to your hobbit feet, Tolkien fans, there is exciting news in the land of nerdom!

At Comic Con in San Diego last week, the rumor was unleashed that Peter Jackson is considering a third Hobbit  movie in what is already a two-movie adaptation of Tolkien’s prelude to the Lord of the Rings  trilogy. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Jackson is currently in talks with actors and  studio execs to get the project underway. The third movie would purportedly draw on material from the appendices of The Lord of the Rings.  Check out articles here, here, and here for details.

That Peter Jackson, he’s always doing things the unconventional way! However, as absurd as it sounds to break a single book into three full-length feature films, there is so much material Tolkien created for this world it seems a shame not to include it.  I have complete faith in Peter Jackson based on the fact that the entire creative team on the first three Lord of the Rings movies did such a beautiful job. He’s always made elegant and informed choices and unlike some directors (*cough* George Lucas *cough*), he’s always thinking about the fans of the material first. That being said, I don’t really care what material Jackson draws from to make another Hobbit  movie, I will look forward to it with unbridled, nerdy eagerness.

To help tide  us over until December 14th, here is the latest trailer for the first of the Hobbit movies. Be still my beating heart!



2 thoughts on “Breaking LOTR News from Comic Con!

  1. I know, I feel just the same (me: nerd living in the original shire in Wales, no furry feet though). Tolkien left so much material, PJ could probably make 5 or 6 films out of it:)

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