The Privilege of the Sword by Thomas Canty

The Privilege of the Sword by Thomas Canty

This gorgeous illustration by Thomas Canty was created exclusively for the audio book version of Ellen Kushner’s novel The Privilege of the Sword, which was just released this week. The audiobook is part of a series called Neil Gaiman Presents and features narration by the author herself along with a full cast of award-winning actors and original music composed specifically for the book.

I have been in a fever of all things Ellen Kushner ever since discovering her novel Swordspoint  this spring, the first book in her Riverside collection. I just finished reading another book set in the same universe, the heart-breaking and exquisite, The Fall of the Kings, co-written by Kushner and her wife Delia Sherman (expect a review here soon). The Privilege of the Sword  is the last book published in the series and the only one I have not yet read. I picked it up immediately after finishing The Fall of the Kings  but couldn’t bring myself to start reading it yet, as this is the last of the published Riverside books. I can’t bear the thought of having no more in the series to look forward to.

For a lovely essay about the artist Thomas Canty written by Terri Windling go here. Canty has illustrated numerous collections edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, and after a recent visit to his website I realized that he is also the illustrator who did the gorgeous covers of the Redwall books by Brian Jacques. Expect more images from this talented artist on this blog in the future.

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