Children’s Literature in the News!

While perusing the internet this week, I came across a plethora of exciting goings-on in the world of children’s literature, fantasy, and books in general. Overwhelmed by the wealth of content, the only way I could cope with the awesome was to share it all with you!

From the Atlantic:

An article about the term YA- what that label means, when it came about, and what purpose it serves.

From BBC News:

News that descendants of J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Dickens are collaborating on two fantasy novels for children.

A miniature book from Queen Mary’s dollhouse, written in 1922 about a fairy who travels to London, will be published in full scale.


From Letters of Note:

A copy of a letter J.R.R. Tolkien wrote to a German publishing house in response to their request for proof of his Aryan descent.

A copy of a letter written by Maurice Sendak’s publisher Ursula Nordstrom in response to a librarian who burned a copy of In the Night Kitchen.

From the Guardian:

The interactive Harry Potter site Pottermore finally opened its doors this week!

J.K. Rowling confirms that she will publish a Harry Potter encyclopedia.

From Publisher’s Weekly:

Friends of Diana Wynne Jones have launched a project to commemorate this beloved fantasy author and her work. This is my favorite finding of the week as Diana Wynne Jones is without question my favorite fantasy/children’s author of all time, and for years it seemed as if nobody knew about her. I was devastated when she passed away last March and now to see an entire community of writers, publishers and lovers of her work celebrating her in a myriad of creative ways is thrilling to say the least.


4 thoughts on “Children’s Literature in the News!

  1. It’s a shame the overwhelming majority of universities with creative writing degree courses look down on children’s writers – as do the majority of other writers – it is far, far harder to write for children, particularly ages 8 to 12, than writing for adults. As long as it’s received an award…adults will carry on reading any old nonsense…whereas children know a pile of poo when they see the first line of the book – they’ll just throw it away and never pick it up again. Great post, thanks for sharing with us.

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