Tea & Book Pairing: Earl Grey with A Discovery of Witches

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

If and when you read A Discovery of Witches, you’ll learn that the protagonist Diana is either constantly brewing a pot of tea, drinking tea, washing tea cups or thinking of when she can next get her hands on a piping hot cuppa’. That’s not to say that a lot of other things don’t happen in this wonderful book, because indeed they do, but it was certainly an endearing aspect to Diana, a fledgling witch in denial of her supernatural powers, one that I could definitely relate to. Perhaps it’s a form of procrastination, or simply a way to further saveur what you’re doing, whether it’s reading, or writing, or maybe it can help you extend the adventure at hand, but drinking tea can undoubtedly enhance that experience.

While reading A Discovery of Witches I kept coming back to a classic black tea: Earl Grey. I felt the hint of bergamot, a fragrant fruit the size of an orange but the color of a lemon went perfectly with Diana’s story, a woman who tries desperately to be a mundane human when in fact she is quite unique. I could envision why Diana found comfort in tea, as I found myself brewing cups constantly to accompany me through the many plot twists and turns in the book.

Earl Grey tea is subtle, yet surprising in its complex balance of flavors. Bergamot fruit grows in the South of France, where Diana spends part of her time in the novel. Rich and amber colored, drinking earl grey makes me feel like traveling to Oxford, or Bordeaux, or at the very least, venturing there on the page.

Tea Tasting Notes: tangy, citrus, ceylon, floral, black tea, zest, honey, richness, bright

5 thoughts on “Tea & Book Pairing: Earl Grey with A Discovery of Witches

  1. Don’t know if you invented this “tea & book pairing” idea, but I love it!!! And your descriptions are very convincing. I don’t have the book you mention (yet!) but I am going to brew a cuppa’ Earl Grey right now! Thanks for the information about bergamot and the inspiration to pair it with your book choice.

  2. haha, love the tea and a book pariing, even though I’m a coffee girl myself. Diana almost made me want to brew a pot to go with the book! In the end, I took a cue from Matthew and opened a nice bottle of wine 🙂

    I LOVED this book and am anxiously awaiting the sequel!

  3. This is so weird. I did the exact same thing with earl grey!! I went to Starbucks one day and decided to experiment with it, since I’d never ordered it before. I fell deeply in love with the smell and taste of bergamot and it became part of my daily routine- coincidentally during the same time I started reading A Discovery of Witches. Since then, bergamot and ADOW became synonymous with each other, and now I won’t even open any book in The All Souls Trilogy without a steaming cup of earl grey sitting next to me.

    • Amazing! It is a great combination, so glad you discovered it, too. I can’t wait for the third book to come out, when I’ll be brewing pots full of earl grey to accompany Diana and Matthew’s adventures…

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