Tea & Book Pairing: Lapsang Souchong with Clockwork Angel

Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea

Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea

I find that tea is the perfect accompaniment for reading. I love having a fresh pot next to my book. Drinking tea while reading informs the whole process, leading me to savor each word and moment created on the page. There’s the careful balancing act that goes along with it, tea, page, tea, page, etc. For me, the two go hand-in-hand and finding the right pairing is part and parcel of this little ritual.

This week I’m pairing Lapsang Souchong with Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. This strong black tea is the single malt whiskey of teas. It has a peaty, malted aroma. It smells like it’s been roasted over a fire because that is exactly how it’s made. What’s remarkable about this tea is it doesn’t leave a muddied taste in your mouth, in fact you can taste the memory of smoke without getting knocked out by its robustness. It’s just the sort of tea you want to make after you’ve been out in the cold, and your hands smell like freshly cut wood after building a fire.

While drinking this tea, I felt as if I was immersed in the foggy streets of London at night, which set me up perfectly for Clockwork Angel. It seemed like the type of tea Tessa would drink in her room while she’s reading about the history of shadowhunters in The Codex, trying to sort out where she fits in to their strange, intoxicating world.

Tea Tasting Notes: smoke, ash, musk, peat, malt, warmth, honey, firewood, black tea


2 thoughts on “Tea & Book Pairing: Lapsang Souchong with Clockwork Angel

  1. I LOVE that you picked a tea for a specific book. I haven’t read Clockwork even though I’ve read a million blog reviews….so I really should read it. However, I lived in Australia for seven months and I worked at an English Tea House so your blog really excites me. I wonder if I can come up for a certain tea for some of my favorite books. Hmmmm. You have me thinking!

    • Thanks! People do wine pairings and even chocolate pairings, so why not tea pairings? You should definitely check out CLockwork. It’s totally tea worthy.

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